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Week 911: Help! And more ‘leschnerf’ neologisms from Week 904

Hi, everyone. I’m writing this a week ago (talk about your odd tense constructions), since I’m unlikely to be at a computer for a significant length of time in London or Paris as I go on an eight-day school/family trip.

The absolutely charming Abha Bhattarai, our new “interactivity producer” (person helping out with The Post’s online chats and discussion groups), offered to hold on to this post and put it up during my absence, so it didn’t go up before the Week 911 Style Invitational did.

I’m hopeful about this week’s contest. Over the years, contests that have asked for “long-form” writing (as opposed to a one-liner) tend to yield fewer results, and a lot of what we get tends to be pretty drecky. On the other hand, we can’t fit so many on the page. Ten good ones should make for a great set of results.

Results of Week 904.5
This second half of the alphabet of the Week 904 neologism contest, in which you moved the first letter of a word to the end. We will hereby call such words leschnerfs, in honor of the man who suggested this contest, Malcolm Sleschnerf.

I’m so glad that circumstances allowed me to run two weeks’ worth of these words. It was a very high bar to clear to get ink. And while the nature of these words prevents the instant laugh prompted by the change-a-letter neologisms like “sarchasm” or “karmageddon” (two entries from the eternally circulated Week 278), I’m sure that readers aren’t going to mind the two seconds it takes to figure out each entry.

It’s the first Inker and second above-the-fold ink for David Garratt (cq the spelling, as journalists say), who ran up a sizable trail of HM spatters in 2008 and 2009 before disappearing from the Land of Invititania until now. Even though David is local, he hasn’t shown up at any Loser functions. Given that his hometown of Glenn Dale, Md., isn’t very far from Laurel, I’m hoping to meet him at this year’s Flushies awards on May 7.

I hope the great Basket Case game makes it through customs to Western Australia, home of longtime On and Off Loser Brad Alexander. Brad, a native Alabaman, gets Ink No. 55 and his fourth above the fold (still no Inker, though). I wasn’t sure that “poonerisms” would get past the Taste Police, but Style Editor Lynn (”Hey! I’m not a prude!”) Medford lahked Roy Ashley’s word -- a very useful one for Invite purposes -- jes’ fahn. Roy, who’s been getting Invite ink regularly since Week 120, now has 255 blots, including three Inkers and 25 other above-the-folds. And Tom Witte, the Double Hall of Fame Loser who writes neologisms every single week (he has more than 100 Revised Titles to his credit), violates his own rule -- not MY hard-and-fast rule, obviously -- by coming up with an existing word, “Uh.”

THE SCARLET LETTER this week is not a poonerism. But even the Czar agreed with me that it was in unrunnable bad taste: Pwindu: The luckiest person in Bhopal. (Christopher Lamora, Guatemala City)
— The E, Pat Myers

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