What Happens in Your Mind, Stays in Your Mind?

Call the thought police : “I have a problem that I’m ashamed of but can’t seem to help. I’m a secret racist. I have friends and coworkers of many different nationalities and races, and I enjoy my interactions with them and don’t judge them on their race. However, whenever I get frustrated at something or someone, my mind immediately rushes to racial profanities. For example, if I’m driving and a black person in another car cuts me off, I immediately mutter the N-word under my breath. I do this for Hispanics, Asians, and yes, even white people. I find myself less and less able to control my thoughts, to the point where I’m afraid someone will hear me. I know what I’m doing is wrong, but I can’t seem to stop. My parents played into racial stereotypes, but they never ever used racial slurs so I’m not sure where I get this. Help!”

Is this a racism issue, a compulsion issue, an issue of another kind, an issue at all? Bonus: Will the answer you’re forming in your mind right now be any different from the one you post in a public forum?

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