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What’s to blame for Kyle Shanahan’s offense not having more success?

Kyle Shanahan arrived at Redskins Park as a wunderkind. He was the youngest coordinator in the league, and seen as a future head coach. Shanahan had plenty of success in Houston, where the Texans led the NFL in passing yards in 2009.

But it’s been a different story in Washington. The Redskins’ offense finished 18th in the NFL last season. This year’s team is scoring only 19.3 points a game, which puts it in a tie for 22nd.

Was Shanahan not as talented as expected? Or is something else the problem?

I still think Shanahan can run a very successful offense in the NFL, but not until he acquires a real quarterback. Rule changes have made the NFL a passing league. If a team doesn’t have the pieces to take advantage of the rules, it will never succeed. In Houston, Shanahan benefited from quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Johnson. The Redskins don’t have comparable talent.

Ultimately, I think we should be blaming Shanahan’s father for failing to land a franchise quarterback.

Where do you place the blame for the Redskins’ lack of offense? — Matt McFarland

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