Predator at the potluck?

You’ve just been conned, and now the artist has moved on to your friends. What now?: “For five months, my husband and I nursed a very sick friend through a critical illness and helped return him to health. In response, he took each of my girlfriends aside (they’re all married) and told them he feels a deep connection with her, that he knows they knew each other in a different lifetime, that he knows they will have a significant relationship together.

“Now he hangs around them, pretending to be best friends with their husbands, etc. As soon as we managed to get him out of the house (he was reluctant to leave, since we weren’t charging him rent), he dropped us as friends and now only hangs around with our friends.

“Is there anything I can do without coming off as petty and mean-spirited? Do I just smile when I see him and suck it up?” Or, do they warn their friends, come what may?

- Carolyn Hax

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