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Write jokes for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

In an annual D.C. tradition, President Obama is expected to crack some timely (and in some cases, squirm-worthy) jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this Saturday. But the jokes don’t write themselves -- and we have a feeling he doesn’t write them either. Help Obama keep the night funny by suggesting witty one-liners. Be creative, but remember to follow our discussions policy. Need some inspiration. Check out these jokes from last year’s dinner:

“It’s been quite a year since I’ve spoken here last. Lots of ups, lots of downs, except for my approval ratings which have just gone down. But that’s politics. It doesn’t bother me. Besides, I happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth.”

“There are a few things in life that are harder to find and more important to keep than love. Well, love and a birth certificate.”

“Odds are that the Salahis are here. There haven’t been people that were more unwelcome at a party since Charlie Crist.”

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