You will eat celery barefoot and like it

An interesting question from “Socially Unsure”: “Can you suggest a philosophy or rule of thumb for approaching situations where the hosts’ needs/values might limit their guests’ enjoyment? Im not sure where to draw the line between the rights/comforts of each party, and I don’t want to overstep as host or guest.

“Some recent situations that caused me to ponder this: vegetarian/teetotalers hosting a meat- and alcohol-free party; host asking guests to remove shoes at door; host asking guests not to eat in living room (both parties have toddlers, so guest wants to give kid snacks and host wants to keep kids’ play space clean; host asking guests to keep voices low due to sleeping baby.

“Especially since everyone’s values differ so vastly, is there any sort of universal code or internal question to serve as a general guide in these situations?”

Anyone want to take a crack at a “universal code or general guide”?

- Carolyn Hax

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