Five years of Date Lab: Who got hitched, who got ditched and what we’ve learned in our quest for a spark
As Date Lab celebrates its fifth anniversary in matchmaking, we take a look at where some of our experiments in sparkage have led, from weddings to disasters.
Date Lab: Two fantasy football players meet. Watch their video analysis of the date
(The Washington Post, October 31, 2014; 6:00 AM)
Date Lab: He likes Jim Carrey, she doesn’t. Can this work?
(The Washington Post, October 22, 2014; 5:04 PM)
Date Lab: Things get a little complicated when you have a friend in common
(The Washington Post, October 16, 2014; 1:50 PM)
Date Lab: He noticed her tattoo right away
(The Washington Post, October 9, 2014; 11:34 AM)
Date Lab: Boatbuilder meets sailor. Love ahoy?
(The Washington Post, October 3, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: Two adventurous, spicy-food lovers hit it off
(The Washington Post, September 26, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: What the matchmaker didn’t know may have undermined this match.
(The Washington Post, September 19, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: Two economists find they have more in common than just theories.
(The Washington Post, September 12, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Beer, wine, bourbon and cigars. Is this a country song?
(The Washington Post, September 5, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: It was off to a good start with roses and gummy bears
(The Washington Post, August 29, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: They talked about wills on their first date. It’s not as bad as it sounds.
(The Washington Post, August 22, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: Their eyes locked, but did their hearts?
(The Washington Post, August 15, 2014; 7:30 AM)
A repeat Date Lab customer gets another try — 8 years later — but the result is the same
(The Washington Post, August 8, 2014; 1:13 AM)
Date Lab: They liked what they saw. Would they like more than than just looks?
(The Washington Post, August 1, 2014; 7:30 AM)
A Date Lab that ends with a proposal...sort of
(The Washington Post, July 25, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: They share geeky traits and a sense of humor. This just might work.
(The Washington Post, July 18, 2014; 7:30 AM)
Date Lab: A horseback ride through Rock Creek Park
(The Washington Post, July 11, 2014; 2:18 PM)
Date Lab: After a rocky start, this date came through in the clutch
(The Washington Post, July 3, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: Keep calm and meet your soul mate. Or not.
(The Washington Post, June 26, 2014; 1:18 PM)
Date Lab: When a ‘Bachelor’ hopeful looks closer to home ...
(The Washington Post, June 20, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: Come on, is this a date or an interview?
(The Washington Post, June 13, 2014; 12:22 PM)
Date Lab: So, his Mom picks his date. How’d that go?
(The Washington Post, June 6, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: A bottle of wine, salsa dancing and....more?
(The Washington Post, May 30, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: It didn’t begin well, and went downhill from there
(The Washington Post, May 23, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: She wants an artist, but finds a spreadsheet-lover
(The Washington Post, May 9, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: With a name like Love, he could be the one
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: ‘The conversational kiss of death’
(The Washington Post, May 2, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: They swapped travel stories, but not numbers
(The Washington Post, April 18, 2014; 12:51 PM)
Date Lab: One of them is a bodybuilder
(The Washington Post, April 18, 2014; 10:18 AM)
Date Lab: Romance, public policy. They’re the same, right?
(The Washington Post, April 11, 2014; 8:00 AM)
Date Lab: Bonding over vegetables and social issues
(The Washington Post, April 4, 2014; 8:00 AM)
Date Lab: They share a sense of humor, but is that enough?
(The Washington Post, March 27, 2014; 6:13 PM)
Date Lab: They love to run, but are they headed in the same direction?
(The Washington Post, March 21, 2014; 8:00 AM)
Date Lab: Two 23-year-old ‘old souls’ find they have a lot in common
(The Washington Post, March 14, 2014; 8:00 AM)
Date Lab: She applied five years ago. Was it worth the wait?
(The Washington Post, March 6, 2014; 3:50 PM)
Date Lab: Lots of talking, but did it lead anywhere?
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2014; 7:02 PM)
Date Lab: Will two biology students find they share a certain chemistry?
(The Washington Post, February 20, 2014; 5:26 PM)
Date Lab: They hugged, they laughed, they played pool. Just friends, or more?
(The Washington Post, February 14, 2014; 8:30 AM)
Date Lab: Will it be a picture-perfect match for this actress and photographer?
(The Washington Post, February 6, 2014; 5:10 PM)
Date Lab: They share a passion for board games and faith and kids. Sounds promising.
(The Washington Post, January 31, 2014; 10:51 AM)
Date Lab: One is a politician, the other is in the Air Force. A power couple in the making?
(The Washington Post, January 24, 2014; 7:00 AM)
Date Lab: They both like Clintons and don’t take themselves seriously. Sounds promising.
(The Washington Post, January 17, 2014; 11:32 AM)
Date Lab: He’s from Oklahoma, she’s not. Dealbreaker?
(The Washington Post, January 10, 2014; 11:18 AM)
Date Lab: Their date led to a guessing game
(The Washington Post, January 3, 2014; 11:55 AM)
Date Lab’s 2013 roundup: good, bad and awful
(The Washington Post, December 20, 2013; 4:20 PM)
Date Lab: If you’re looking for a happy ending, don’t read this one
(The Washington Post, December 19, 2013; 6:39 PM)
She likes Army guys — and he’s in the Army
(The Washington Post, December 13, 2013; 11:24 AM)
Date Lab: Can they keep it drama-free?
(The Washington Post, December 5, 2013; 6:09 PM)
Date Lab: For an Italian, a first blind date in America
(The Washington Post, November 27, 2013; 3:22 PM)
Date Lab: Does food critic Tom Sietsema have a future in matchmaking?
(The Washington Post, November 21, 2013; 6:01 PM)
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