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Baking with Dorie Greenspan

Baking with Dorie Greenspan

Macarons, barbecue sides, summer desserts and more with the beloved, award-winning cookbook author.


Chatological Humor

TUESDAYS at noon | Gene Weingarten is online to take your questions and abuse.

Carolyn Hax

I have a wedding and a funeral
to attend on the same day.

LIVE | The Post’s advice columnist answers your questions about the strange train we call life.

Tom Boswell

Tom Boswell

MONDAYS at 11 a.m. ET | Sports columnist Tom Boswell on D.C. and local sports.

Tom Sietsema

Tom Sietsema

WEDNESDAYS at noon | Tom Sietsema takes your rants and raves on the D.C. dining scene.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reacts to a personal question from the audience during her townhall meeting and interview with Filipino scholars in Manila, Philippines Wednesday Nov. 16, 2011. Clinton is here for the 60th anniversary of the Mutual Defense Treaty signed between the two countries and in her speech, underlined America's military and diplomatic support for the Philippines as the island nation engages in an increasingly tense dispute with China over claims in the resource-rich South China Sea. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

Summer reading: D.C. celebrity and politician picks

PHOTOS | A list of what local celebrities and politicians are looking forward to reading this summer, followed by The Washington Post’s summer reading picks.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Michael Kidd works on a computer at ECPI University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, February 7, 2012. Cyberspace was a hobby for Kidd before he joined the Marines in 2003, but he hopes to make it his new battlefield after suffering debilitating injuries in Iraq. At the naval air station in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the 26-year-old from Williamsburg is retraining to fight cyber threats, one of a number of wounded warriors transitioning to non-traditional combat fields in order to continue serving the United States' defense needs. Picture taken February 7, 2012.  REUTERS/Samantha Sais (UNITED STATES - Tags: MILITARY EDUCATION SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

6 basic questions on cybersecurity

Two decades after the first warnings about “hackers,” the threat has only grown with individuals, companies and even nations at risk.

Obama while a student at Harvard University Law School. In his second year of law school, he became the first African American president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

The teenage Obama

Here are 11 things you may not know about our 44th president’s adolescence in Hawaii, from David Maraniss’s new biography “Barack Obama: The Story”.

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Editor’s Choice: Your photos

Our photo editors pick out a few examples of some of the best reader-submitted photos.

The GOP pick for vice president: Pluses and minuses

Here’s his countdown in reverse order, for what each person would bring to the ticket. Agree or disagree with our rankings? 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 24:  Tourists hold onto their hats as they walk on the pedestrian walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge on May 24, 2012 in San Francisco, California. The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is preparing for the 75th anniversary of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that will be marked with a festival on May 26 - 27 that will feature music, displays of bridge artifacts and art exhibits. The 1.7 mile steel suspension bridge, one of the modern Wonders of the World, opened to traffic on May 27, 1937.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

QUIZ: Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

During a naturalization interview, you would be asked up to 10 civics questions from a list of 100. You must correctly answer six to pass.


‘Avengers’-themed cocktails

With ‘The Avengers’ racking up box office sales, artist Lily Mitchell decided the cast needed their own set of cocktails.

FILE - In this Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio, left, talks to reporters as David Rivera, Republican candidate for Congress, right, looks on in Miami. Rubio's relationship with fellow freshman lawmaker Rivera, now facing a federal probe into tax evasion, and a credit card controversy surfaced during his 2010 Senate campaign and didn't have much effect. But that doesn't mean the country as a whole would overlook such eyebrow-raising issues, if Rubio were to show interest in the No. 2 slot on the presidential ticket this year. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

Marco Rubio’s path to prominence

PHOTOS | 9 things you may not know about Rubio’s compelling and surprising life story.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) and Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) - Mad Men - Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Who is your ‘Mad Men’ style icon?

Take the quiz to find out if you are most like Don, Betty, Roger, Pete, Joan, or Peggy.

ADNODE: ;; AVCREDIT:  ;; BLURB: Lady Gaga descended on Harvard University with Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday to launch the Born This Way Foundation, aimed at empowering young people. ;; EDITOR: ;; HEADLINE: Oprah Winfrey joins Lady Gaga at Harvard (2:04) ;; HEIGHT: 270 ;; HIDDENCOM: news, nation, buzz, entertainment, lady gaga, lady gaga oprah, oprah, oprah winfrey, lady gaga born this way foundation, lady gaga charity ;; KEYWORDS: news, nation, buzz, entertainment, lady gaga, lady gaga oprah, oprah, oprah winfrey, lady gaga born this way foundation, lady gaga charity ;; LENGTH:  ;; MEDIAPLAYER: Ninja ;; ORBITID:  ;; PNAVSEC: /media ;; PUBLISH: YES ;; SEARCH: YES ;; SHOOTDATE: 2012-03-01 20:10:18 ;; SLUG: 03012012-94v ;; SMEDIAURL: http://static.washingtonpost.com/wp/swf/OmniPlayer.swf?id=03012012-94v&flvURL=/media/2012/03/01/03012012-94v.m4v&playAds=true&adZone=wpni.video.ap&canShare=true&jsonURL=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.washingtonpost.com%2Fmedia%2Fmeta%2F2012%2F03%2F01%2F03012012-94v.jsn ;; SOURCE: The Associated Press ;; WIDTH: 480 ;;

Twitter’s top 20

Lady Gaga has topped 20 million followers. Soccer star Kaka recently became the first athlete to reach 10 million followers.

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 26:  College student Jajuan Kelley covers his mouth with a Skittles wrapper as he stands in a crowd of thousands rallying at the Georgia State Capitol in memory of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin on March 26, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Protests have been nationwide in reaction to the death of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose shooting by a neighborhood watch captain has led to questions of the 'Stand Your Ground' law in Florida and other states.  (Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

Key moments in the Trayvon Martin case

Review the timeline of events that evolved from a neighborhood killing to a nationwide debate.

Screenshot of the Facebook profile of Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona.

Congress on Facebook: The best cover photos

These members of Congress have unique and compelling Facebook profiles.

04/07/00 - Slug:Wk/Wheaton - Photo By Mark Finkenstaedt FTWP - Location: Mia Casa/Ijing Music studio. Wheaton Maryland Caption: Charles Hsieh, 24 (Silver Spring) and Shih-Ting Huang, 24 (Rockville) sing a duet from the TV as other friends watch and select thier songs. Ijing Studios are the coolest private room Karaoke facility. It is very typical of the karaoke bars of Hong Kong etc. Groups come to lounge under ultraviolet lights and follow the songs on TV. They select the material to perform from various song books. Anything from Japanese,Chinese, Korean, and English is provided for.

Five best and worst karaoke songs

Here’s what you need to know when you step up to the mike.

CHANTILLY, VA - APRIL 19:  In this handout provided by Smithsonian Institution, space shuttles Enterprise (L)and Discovery sit nose-to-nose at the beginning of a transfer ceremony at the Smithsonian's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, April 19, 2012, in Chantilly, Virginia. Enterprise, which is being transferred to New York City, is being replaced by the space shuttle Discovery at the museum. (Photo by /Carolyn Russo/Smithsonian Institution via Getty Images)

Your Shuttle photos

The Shuttle Discovery took its final flight (albeit on the back of a 747). Did you catch it in the air?

Senate candidate first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton bowls during a fund-raiser for St. Pius V School, Monday, July 17, 2000, at the Leisure Time bowling alley in New York's Port Authority bus terminal. (AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser)

Hillary Clinton having fun

A look at Hillary Rodham Clinton in relaxed moments during her tenures as secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady.

Your sunrise and sunset photos

PHOTOS | The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you have captured on camera.

ADNODE: ;; AVCREDIT: (Music: 'Down Low' by Shark/ Voiceover: Katherine Boyle, Video: AJ Chavar, Edit: Jayne Orenstein/The Washington Post) ;; BLURB: Derek Hills and Brinda Krishnan pay homage to the iconic D.C. venue, The Black Cat, with intricate details and nods to the lively scene outside the music hall.  ;; EDITOR: ;; HEADLINE: Peeps 2012: The Black Peep ;; HEIGHT: 270 ;; HIDDENCOM: peeps, peep dioramas, peeps videos, Washington Post peeps contest, peeps2012, black cat, the black peep, ;; KEYWORDS: peeps, peep dioramas, peeps videos, Washington Post peeps contest, peeps2012, black cat, the black peep, ;; LENGTH:  ;; MEDIAPLAYER: Ninja ;; ORBITID:  ;; PLAYLIST: LI2009092101885 ;; PNAVSEC: /media/artsandliving ;; PUBLISH: YES ;; SEARCH: YES ;; SHOOTDATE: 2012-03-27 19:08:31 ;; SLUG: 03272012-74v ;; SMEDIAURL: http://static.washingtonpost.com/wp/swf/OmniPlayer.swf?id=03272012-74v&flvURL=/media/2012/03/27/03272012-74v.m4v&playAds=true&adZone=wpni.video.bc&canShare=true&jsonURL=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.washingtonpost.com%2Fmedia%2Fmeta%2F2012%2F03%2F27%2F03272012-74v.jsn ;; SOURCE: The Washington Post ;; WIDTH: 480 ;;

2012 Peeps Diorama Contest

PHOTOS | See every entry in our annual contest right here.