Katy B, ‘Danger’ album review

December 10, 2012
Katy B

In 1988, singer Johnny Kemp released the R&B dance hit “Just Got Paid,” which perfectly captured the euphoria of hitting the town with a pocket full of money on payday. No song since has so expertly conveyed that very specific thrill. Until now: On her new “Danger” EP, U.K. singer Katy B offers “Got Paid,” a Friday-night special of a song that does Kemp proud.

“Friday never lets me down / So grab your coat, gonna hit the town / And I just got paid,” she sings over a squeaky-toy electronic melody, from DJ/producer Zinc, that mirrors her enthusiasm about the start of the weekend.

Katy B, whose music lives somewhere along the intersection of pop, R&B and dubstep, wowed with 2011’s full-length dance masterpiece “On a Mission” and is working on her sophomore effort. “Danger” was supposed to be just a little four-track snack to tide over her die-hard fans, but these songs are pretty substantial.

The singer’s voice is crisp and high on “Light as a Feather,” showing off her vocal range by matching every yawp of the Diplo-produced track. On “Aaliyah,” with singer Jessie Ware, Katy tells a woman named Aaliyah to stay away from her man and confesses she is suffering from “green envy.” The track seems to be a loose homage to singer Aaliyah, who died in 2001, with Katy smartly saying that no one will ever compare to the R&B princess, while displaying her own talents at the same time.

Sarah Godfrey

Cover art for Katy B’s “Danger EP.l” (Courtesy of Katy B)

Recommended Tracks

“Got Paid,” “Aaliyah”

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