Hank Stuever
Hank Stuever

‘The Mob Doctor’: An HMO for goons

“The Mob Doctor” (9 p.m. on Fox) It’s never good news when you start to watch a new show and can’t get past quibbling with the whole concept, which, in this case, is that the various goons and thugs who people the Chicago Mafia are so active (and accident-prone) that they need their very own primary-care physician on the QT to remove bullets, suture wounds and do whatever else they compel her to do by threatening her family.

Hank Stuever

Hank Stuever is The Washington Post’s TV critic and author of two books, “Tinsel” and “Off Ramp.”


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The comely doctor (Jordana Spiro) can perform all the life-saving measures she wants; I’m signing the DNR papers right now.

Grade: F

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