More Basketball, Less Beard Talk, Please

» “IF ONLY THIS GUY spent as much time pushing himself away from the dinner table as he does on viral videos, the Clippers might actually have a chance.” thinks that if Baron Davis was in better shape his team could contend in the NBA. Davis recently released a spoof video called “Buy Baron […]

A Jolly Old Time Had By All

» “[WE] RODE AS A CIVILIZED GROUP, though the size of the pack did necessitate the running of a few lights. I [got] a number of high fives from motorists while promenading down P Street.”, not pictured, Had a great time at Sunday’s first D.C. Tweed Ride, although the motley pack was broke a […]

Taylor Swift Had A Way Better Year Than You

» “IT ISN’T ENOUGH that Taylor Swift is beautiful, charming and extremely talented. She’s also critically acclaimed and regularly recognized by her peers as exceptional.” is amazed by the country singer’s successful year. She won the Country Music Awards ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ award Wednesday. » “UNLIKE IN ‘Star Trek,’ the A-listers who show […]

The Olive Oil Voice Is No Longer

» “MARTINO HAD A CAREER before (and after) ‘The Godfather,’ of course — but it’s no bad thing to be paid to be screamed at by Marlon Brando.” remembers Al Martino, who played Johnny Fontane in the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie, adding, “He wasn’t a Rat Packer, but he sounded like one.” » […]

Come On, He Was Young … Oh, Wait

» “THE THESIS ADVOCATED injection of Christian doctrine at all levels of government. Of course, McDonnell was just a kid when he wrote the thesis. He was only 34 years old.” takes a sarcastic poke at Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert McDonnell, who recently said he no longer believes what he wrote in his 1989 […]

That's A Lot of Booster Seats

» “LAST FRIDAY I RECEIVED 28 phone books. [Why did it] not occur to the person delivering the, I don’t know, 12th book to ask himself/herself, ‘Is this reasonable?'” At, WUSA-9 weather anchor Topper Shutt wonders why mail carriers can’t figure out that phone books destined for Howard University do not belong at his […]

LeBron Is A Good Human, Too

» “AS MUCH AS I DISLIKE this guy on the court, it’s impossible to not be impressed with his aspirations outside of basketball.” appreciates NBA player Lebron James after seeing his “60 Minutes” interview, adding adds, “On the flip side, his Mom has officially eclipsed Ann Iverson as the NBA’s most ghetto mother.” » […]