Best Improv Choreography Ever

» “THE COMEDIC FORCE IS STRONG with these ones. Imagine hopping on the 6 train to head to work when you notice Princess Leia reading a copy of ‘Galactic Rebellion for Dummies.’ Alright, maybe not the strangest thing you’ve seen on a subway.” reacts to the latest work by the group, in which they re-enact part of the opening scene from Star Wars: A New Hope on a New York subway train.

» “I WAS A NEW FATHER the first time I saw ‘Beavis and Butt-Head,’ and I marveled at the snark of the two most clueless, scoreless teenagers in America. … The two adolescents depicted perfectly the haplessness of American slackers everywhere.” is glad to hear the MTV cartoon created by Mike Judge is making a comeback this fall.

» “ACE OF BASE IS BACK with two new members and a brand-new song. It’s like a mix of ‘The Sign’ and ‘All That She Wants.’ It basically sounds like every song they’ve ever made.”
Matt Stopera at is not quite impressed with the Swedish band’s single “Mr. Replay.” the band replaced both female singers.

Screengrab courtesy YouTube

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