Killer Whale Goes Back to Work

» “UNLESS YOU’RE A NUT, like the people at PETA, people come before animals. And when we’re talking about an orca that has turned into a serial killer, it needs to be put down or at least released in the wild. I love my dog, but if it actually killed someone, I wouldn’t think twice about having it put down.” is appalled that Tilikum, the whale that killed a SeaWorld Orlando trainer in 2010, Went back to performing for audiences Wednesday.

» “IF THERE’S ONE MAN who can rescue America from the Great Depression and lead the world in its fight against the barbaric, conquering Axis powers, it’s Bill Murray. Wait, what?” finds the casting of Murray to play President Franklin Roosevelt in a new film called “Hyde Park On the Hudson” curious.

» “I OWNED MANY DOZENS of these books, all quite dog-eared, and was extremely embarrassed when parents tried to deliver them to me in adulthood. Please just destroy this evidence!”
— A commenter at reacts after reading a review of “Sweet Valley Confidential,” a new novel released in the “Sweet Valley High” teen series that was popular in the ’80s and ’90s.

» “AWFUL TIMING FOR [Jalen] Rose, especially with the recent Catholics vs. Convicts angle many have been taking between the Duke vs. Michigan rivalry since the Fab 5 documentary came out.” thought news of the former Michigan and NBA player’s March 11 DUI bust finally coming out really undermines his argument in his public feud with Grant Hill.

Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

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