Tips On TV Success From Sherwood Schwartz

Alan Sepinwall, a TV critic for, tweets after the death of Sherwood Schwartz Tuesday, the man who created ‘Gilligan’s Island‘ and ‘The Brady Bunch.’ Schwartz was 94.

“His decisions continue to show A PERSON THAT EITHER LACKS COMMON SENSE OR IS COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY in the fashion the selfish often abjure. … I guess Floyd has never read that it is a felony to burn money and that such comes with a penalty of up to six months behind bars, and a fine of $100.” reacts to a photo of boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., burning a $100 bill while partying with Lil Kim and Gucci Mane at the Velvet Room in Atlanta last weekend.

“HEARING THAT THEY’VE CHOSEN SPIKE LEE TO DIRECT THE FILM demonstrates that this isn’t going to be a slapshot, thrown-together film for the sake of shocking alone. It is going to be-no matter what you may think of the end result-thoughtful and well-made.” wonders if Lee is going to be a good selection to direct a remake of ‘Oldboy‘ a 2003 Korean thriller directed by Chan-wook Park.

“When Emma Watson appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman yesterday, WE DON’T THINK SHE CAME PREPARED TO CONFESS ALL HER SINS. Let alone whether she likes to get drunk or not!” was amused when Watson said, “I’ve got very, very drunk once in my life… Fine. I got drunk! I have been drunk!” when defending the habits of her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

Clinton Yates is a D.C. native and an online columnist. When he's not covering the city, pop culture or listening to music, he watches sports. A lot of them.
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