Best Of Hall of Fame

October 20, 2011

We didn’t forget your favorites! It’s just that certain nominees tend to crush the competition year after year. To give other folks a chance, we put these powerhouses in the first-ever Best Of Hall of Fame.

Jose Andres: Multiple restaurants, an eclectic Twitter feed (@chefandres), and international fame make this wonderfully mad Spaniard a winner.

Ben’s Chili Bowl: D.C. may have lots of grandiose landmarks, but none has the heart of humble Ben’s.

Alexander Ovechkin: This Caps team captain is one of the reasons we’re so glad the USSR collapsed.

The Kennedy Center: The gleaming marble square on the Potomac is the grande dame of D.C.’s theater, opera and dance scene.

Busboys and Poets: Each location is the kind of hangout joint you thought existed only on TV.

Politics and Prose: This unsinkable ship of books is still the best place in town for bibliophiles.

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