A Double Dare for Your Body

Biker Barre teaches both indoor cycling and ballet fitness

Instructor Angel Stone, left, strives to keep the mood light and the workout hard.

If the evil queen in Snow White wanted to find a mirror to interrogate, she’d be out of luck at Biker Barre, which opened last week near Eastern Market.

Co-owners Jane Brodsky and Katie Fouts decided not to install walls of mirrors in their two-story fitness studio, which boasts a sky-lit room with 30 bikes for indoor cycling classes on the ground floor and a second space upstairs devoted to ballet-inspired sculpting.

“We’re about having fun here, and most people hate on themselves when they’re looking into a mirror,” says Fouts, who thinks students will get a better workout without the distraction.

Brodsky says they’ll also get a better workout than they used to at Red Bow — the name of the studio before it migrated across Capitol Hill and added cycling. Barre can’t be beat for muscle toning, she says, but mixing it up with low-impact cardio leads to even more fantastic results.

Katie McManus, 38, is one of several students eager to test Brodsky’s theory. Last Thursday night, she took a cycling class immediately followed by a barre class. (There aren’t any combo classes on the schedule yet, although Fouts and Brodsky say that’s a possibility for the future.)

“I like the idea of doing both,” McManus says. “These are classes I can stick to.”

The expansion into cycling is also attracting male students. Jayce Newton, 33, hadn’t been interested in trying barre, but he was game for getting on a bike — and likes the idea of a specialized fitness studio.

“I think the whole concept of going to the gym is outdated,” he says. Other guys seem to agree. One notable sighting at Biker Barre so far: Caps player Mike Green.

All students invited to use the facility’s amenities, including a first-floor lounge (with free Wi-Fi); two bathrooms stocked with shampoo, face wash, hair ties and towels; and a big changing room with a curtain that’ll keep you decent. Brodsky, who’s expecting a baby in July, is also working on setting up child care options soon.

No need to rent or wear cycling shoes at Biker Barre (738 7th St. SE; 202-733-1009, Bikerbarre.com) — the pedals work with regular footwear. A single class (barre or cycling) is $22. Multi-class passes are available at a discounted rate. For this month, you can get 5 classes for $50.

Vicky Hallett is a MisFits columnist and the Fit editor for Express.
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