Price Point: $1,000 to $1,500

Comparing rental prices in and around the District

November 9, 2012

Tenleytown: $1,345

1BR: 4105 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Apt. 309

The 750-square-foot apartment has a spacious living room and bedroom. But the narrow kitchen is a tight squeeze, and the bathroom, kitchen cabinets and mahogany-colored wood flooring could use a touch-up. It’s conveniently located four blocks from the Tenleytown Metro, where there’s a Whole Foods and a strip of great restaurants. CONTACT: Flavia Nunes, property manager, 240-506-3465

Columbia Heights: $1,210

Studio: 3636 16th St. NW, Apt. BG47

This 425-square-foot studio has an unusual octagonal shape. It has plenty of large windows, allowing for natural light that brightens the ground-floor rental. A generously sized walk-in closet connects to the apartment’s only bathroom. The apartment building, the largest in the District, has an in-house grocery store, hair salon and day care — all of the essentials without even setting foot out of the building. CONTACT: Woodner Leasing Office, 202-328-2822

Written by Emma Beck/Express

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