Slinging Arrows

Arrows are trending on TV. Crossbows fire regularly on “The Walking Dead” and “Revolution.” But really, the hot spot for TV arrows is the new CW series “Arrow,” about a vigilant archer (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.).

“Arrow” is the superhero identity of spoiled rich kid Oliver Queen, who was shipwrecked on an island where he sculpted his abs, learned Russian and perfected the art of bow-and-arrowing. Back at home in Starling City, he dons a green hoodie — and no one recognizes him even though you can see his nose and mouth — and shoots people who betrayed him or his dad or something. Plot clarity is not “Arrow’s” strong suit.

Why is “Arrow” a hit? My theory:

First: Arrows are silent, deadly … and sustainable! After piercing someone with an arrow, you simply pull it out, wipe it off and reuse.

Second reason: The dialogue! Mentor to Arrow: “You want survive this place bird not last thing you kill.”

Arrow to confidant: “I have to be the person I need them to see me as.”

To paraphrase Shakespeare, we’re outrageously fortunate that the writers are slinging such hilariously bad verbal arrows.

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