Is a 12-year sentence fair for a bike thief?

October 23, 2013
Tom Dulat / Getty Images Tom Dulat / Getty Images

Having your bike stolen is a drag. Theft victims — including yours truly — know this all too well. So, when the Sun Gazette reported that Michael Cullen, a 42-year-old serial bicycle thief in Arlington, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for stealing eight bikes — which were counted as eight grand larceny charges — I should’ve been elated. I should’ve found myself high-fiving strangers on the street. I should’ve screamed out, “Yes! Justice has come down like a thundering hammer!”  After all, Cullen wasn’t a man who just wanted to add to his personal bike collection — he was also convicted for his intent to sell the bikes he stole, according to the Sun Gazette.

So, why then, did I think, “Is 12 years too much justice?”

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