David Gregory is turning ‘Meet the Press’ into ‘Meet the Stress’

David Gregory looks pretty stressed. Can you blame him? (Rob Kim/NBC) David Gregory looks pretty stressed. Can you blame him? (Rob Kim/NBC)

Dear David Gregory,

No wonder you look a little tense as host of “Meet the Press.” You’re losing the Sunday talkathon ratings war to “Face the Nation” and “This Week.” Numbers in the coveted age 25-to-54 demographic are low. And rumors are flying that NBC hired a psychological consultant to analyze your personality to see why more people aren’t watching.

If an expert were hired, here’s what you might have heard after last week’s show:

You asked former British Prime Minister Tony Blair great questions about the Middle East, Ukraine and his own faith. But would it have hurt to say, “Isn’t Prince George the cutest baby ever?”

You seem to be able to raise your left eyebrow independently of the right. Can you do this seven to 17 times per show?

The round table segment, in which four talking heads blab on FOREVER, would be more engaging if the guests sat in spinning tea cups from Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party ride.

Loved Loved LOVED IT when you recalled a synagogue sermon that said to tell people you love how much you love them, and then you said to your guests: “I love all of you.”

Marc Silver has been watching TV since the days when people wrapped aluminum foil around TV antennae to improve reception.
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