Did Kevin Durant just give the greatest MVP acceptance speech of all time?

May 8, 2014
Kevin Durant just has something in his eye, OK?! Also, he loves his mother. (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty)
Kevin Durant just has something in his eye, OK?! Also, he loves his mother. (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty)

“This ruins MVP speeches for everyone from now on — and Mother’s Day on Sunday, too. That $2.95 greeting card and grocery-store bouquet just isn’t going to cut it now.”

— Cindy Boren at washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead gently reminds us to call our mothers Sunday while commenting on Kevin Durant’s NBA MVP acceptance speech from Tuesday. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward, who hails from the D.C. area, gave all credit for his win to his mom. “We weren’t supposed to be here. You made us believe,” he said during the emotional speech. “You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.”

“Gonna be hard to think of something happy with a cloud of these things coming at you.”

— Commenter Bjorn Von Possel at Buzzfeed.com gets to the root of the problem when describing a new species of cockroach wasp, the Ampulex dementor. The wasp was named after Dementors, those creatures in “Harry Potter” that feed off happiness. Public voting at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin decided on the moniker — an obvious choice given the wasp’s tendency to paralyze its prey before eating it.

“Respect during sex doesn’t fully explain excitement on its own, or else Spain would … be a whole lot more excited.”

— Zack Beauchamp at Vox.com relays one of the findings of a recent study commissioned by condom company Durex. Heterosexuals around the world were asked a series of sex-related questions, including if they find their sex lives exciting, whether they feel respected during the act and if they are satisfied overall. Spain reports show 80 percent feel respected sexually, but only about 40-50 percent feel excited. Huh. Relating to excitement, “Mexico and Nigeria beat almost everywhere else by a hefty margin.”

“Since the new movie will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi, true fans know that Chewbacca is not in the story line….oops….spoiler alert.”

— Commenter Allen S. at HuffingtonPost.com makes a good effort at using a Spoiler Alert (too bad it’s on the wrong end of the sentence) after seeing a Chewbacca selfie from the official “Star Wars” Instagram account. The photo, which shows Chewie posing with Disney CEO Bob Iger, has sparked wide speculation online that it may be the first image of a character from the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

“NBC, for people who think sports should be broadcast like the Today Show.”

— Commenter VandyImport at TheVerge.com isn’t very happy about Wednesday’s announcement that NBC has exclusive rights to Olympics coverages for the next 18 years. The deal, valued at $7.65 billion, includes Internet and mobile viewing. NBC was slammed for tape-delaying events so they would only air during primetime hours during the most recent Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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