Louis C.K.’s ‘Louie’ presents an advertising dilemma

Louis C.K. practices a less than wholesome lifestyle on his show, "Louie." (FX)
Louis C.K. practices a less than wholesome lifestyle on his show, “Louie.” (FX)

In its fourth season, the comedy “Louie” (10 p.m. Mondays on FX) is brilliant, unconventional and tinged with melancholy. Series creator and star Louis C.K. on life after death: “Lots of things happen after you die. Just none of them include you.”

I wonder if “Louie” advertisers know what kind of show they’ve bought into.

One ad claims you can “stop working out” and yet “shed the fat and sculpt your body” by dancing to DVDs. Louie might buy the DVDs in hope of transforming his husky physique. Then he would sit on the couch and watch them while eating an apple pie.

An ad asserts that if you have a “structured settlement” it can be converted into cash to pay bills. In one episode, Louie accidentally punches a woman who’s tickling him and harms her eye; her family asks him for

$5 million. Louie does not appear to have a structured settlement worth $5 million.

An ad for “sleep number beds” that ease back pain ran in an episode where Louie suffers crippling back pain and massages his back with a dildo for relief. The dildo is probably a lot cheaper than the bed.


Marc Silver has been watching TV since the days when people wrapped aluminum foil around TV antennae to improve reception.
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