Austin City Limits is getting a golden porta-potty, everyone needs to cool down about weather alerts and more in today’s links

Don’t tell southern New York, but this is what they missed on Sunday. (Natacha Pisarenko/AP)

—Viewers in parts of New York and Pennsylvania collectively lost their minds when a tornado warning interrupted Sunday’s World Cup final with just seven minutes left in the game. Some took to Twitter and got a little carried away.

—Weird but true: Almost half of the world actually prefers instant coffee.

A man took a selfie while participating in the annual bull run in Spain. Turns out the police think that’s pretty dangerous. Who would have thought.

—In Brits behaving badly: Students at Cambridge got busted for smuggling chocolate in hollowed-out library books.

—A cool new metal band just signed a record deal with Sony that could net them $1.7 million. Pretty cool, right? Oh yeah, they’re also in eighth grade. 

—In “FINALLY” news, the Austin City Limits festival will have a “gold-plated portable toilet boasting air conditioning, a golden chandelier, a television that live streams festival performances, WiFi, bottles of Pellegrino and much more.” You can win a chance to relieve yourself on “The Golden Porta Potty” on the Austin City Limits website.

Lori McCue is the entertainment editor at Express.
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