Bookalokal, a culinary-focused social site, launches in D.C.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Evelyne White knew how to say “dig in!” in 35 different languages.

The overachiever is a Harvard Business School grad, an ex-Wall Street banker and founder of Bookalokal, a service that connects amateur chefs with hungry audiences, which she managed to expand to 35 countries in two years (

“I wish it was 100,” White says.

She founded Bookalokal in 2012 while living in Brussels, where she often held dinner parties for locals, ex-pats and travelers. White launched the D.C. chapter in April with a root beer tasting from local producer Thunder Beast, and future local events include a crash course on home bartending from “Marshall” ($50) and an Egyptian-themed dinner served by “Aida” ($50).


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