Modern Ceremonies: Judith & Jacobina Martin, 'Miss Manners' Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding'

IT’S BEEN MORE than a decade since Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, wrote her first book on wedding etiquette. Now, with help from her daughter, comedian (and newlywed) Jacobina, she offers an update with “Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding” ($25, Norton), tackling modern subjects such as e-mail, dress codes and greedy gift […]

A Parting Plea: Seriously, Wear What You Love

FORGIVE ME IF my mascara gets a little smeary, but today marks my last column. Over the past five months, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve judged — the Salahis, those uber-tan “Jersey Shore” kids, women who wear pantyhose with sandals. Other than the hate mail I got after criticizing J.Lo’s bunchy, nude New Year’s ensemble, […]

Agony of the Feet: A Runner's Pedicure

WHEN IT COMES to keeping feet neat, athletes usually fall to the back of the pack. Dead skin, heavy calluses and broken toenails are common side effects of a sporty life, which can feel incredibly painful — and look even worse. We road-tested how to take your toes from a 10k to flip-flop-ready. » Service: […]

Gleeking Out: No One Gets Those Details Quite Like 'Glee'

I’M A MAJOR Gleek — to the severely out-of-touch, that’s what we super-fans of Fox’s “Glee” call ourselves. The songs! The dances! The hilarious banter between Sue Sylvester, above, and Mr. Schuester about his hair! Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Behind the flashy vocals, though, is a sorely underappreciated element of the show: the painstakingly […]

The Veteran's Major Makeover: Eileen Fisher, Designer, Mom

WITH 25-PLUS YEARS in the fashion biz under her belt, Eileen Fisher might be a name you associate with your mother’s wardrobe. Not anymore. The industry vet recently gave her line a major makeover, replacing outdated styles with chic, unfussy pieces that work for a young professional — or her hip mom. The designer will […]

Rain or Fine: Spring Trench Coats

TRENCH COATS FIRST strutted onto the clothing stage as soldiers’ garb in World War I, with both Burberry and rival Aquascutum claiming they’d invented the belted, buttoned outerwear. But the style’s swagger and practicality meant it was soon appropriated by film noir heroines (and villains), businessmen and, by the 1980s, a Goth or two. Blame […]

Boy Band to Big Time: Matthew Morrison, 'Glee'

AS BOYISHLY CUTE choral director Will Schuester on Fox‘s hit show “Glee,” Matthew Morrison has sung, danced and even beat-boxed his way into America’s hearts — and iPods. The former Broadway star — along with the ensemble cast of ballad-belting high school misfits — returns for the second half of the show’s season Tuesday at […]

Exclusive Ennui: Designer Brands on the Cheap? Save Your Money

MY LEAST FAVORITE trend lately (other than, ick, jeggings) is the proliferation of cheap-chic designer collections. I can hear your protests now: “What? But it’s a chance to own a little Sonia Rykiel/Anna Sui/Rodarte for just $19.99!” That I can’t argue with. But I can argue your money is better spent on something else. The […]