Dreams (and loans) fulfilled

When D.C. resident Peta-Gay Lewis was ready to buy her first home, she knew to look to the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development for help. She already had experience with its Home Purchase Assistance Program: Her parents used it 27 years ago.

Beyond the pale

Danielle Mouledoux wasn’t going to be satisfied with standard white walls. After years of sharing space with siblings and roommates, she couldn’t wait to put her own touches on her Cleveland Park English basement apartment.

What to expect when they’re inspecting

A home inspection lets buyers know what they’re getting into and whether a house lives up to its price and the seller’s promises. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your home inspection, whether you’re buying a condo, historic rowhouse or 1950s-era single-family home.

Give help for the holidays

Apartment complexes can be a natural fit for holiday-giving programs. They have a lot of people living under one roof who often pass through a central location (i.e. the lobby) each day, making collection boxes placed there hard to miss. Tapping that strength-in-numbers for charitable purposes, especially at this time of year, can yield sizable donations.

Power In Small Packages

You’ve found the perfect apartment — except for its tiny kitchen. As a renter, you can’t go ripping out cabinets or knocking down walls to expand its footprint. You need to find a way to work with it. One solution is to stock your kitchen with items that can multitask. You can’t have every specialty […]