Ahead of the Pack

When packing for their recent move, Cecily Cutshall and her husband, Jason, found they had slightly different strategies. “I like to label everything and label very specifically what’s inside the boxes,” says Cutshall, 29. She’s labeled one box “kitchen breakables,” with bullet points detailing its contents: Glass Pyrex dishes, wine glasses from her wedding and […]

Face Time: Andrew McCarthy

If you were a teenage girl in the ’80s, actor Andrew McCarthy was probably your dream prom date. But the yin to Molly Ringwald’s yang in “Pretty in Pink” and the star of other Reagan-era fare (“St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Mannequin”) isn’t resting on his pop-culture laurels. He’s still acting (2008’s “Lipstick Jungle”), directing (episodes of […]

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

It took a fire in a nearby apartment building to convince Cecilia Garza that she needed renters insurance. “I realized that I could lose everything,” she says. That was about seven years ago, and she’s had a policy ever since. Last April, she was glad she did when another fire, this one in a neighboring […]

Tips for First-Time Renters

When Elizabeth Bolton searched for her first apartment, she had a strategy — and a spreadsheet. She compiled a list of must-haves for her perfect apartment, as well as a list of negotiable features. As she checked out different units, she entered their vital stats into a chart to help her make her final decision. […]

Number Crunchers

Marcelo Paiva doesn’t want to just write public policy. He wants to understand the research and analysis that helps policymakers decide to address a particular problem or fund a certain program. So while getting his master’s in public policy at American University, Paiva loaded up on quantitative analysis courses, including classes in micro and macro […]

Friends With Leases

After the birth of her second child, Sara Kirner’s family had outgrown their two-bedroom Bethesda condo. She and her husband, Kevin, bought a house in Silver Spring but decided to hold on to their former property and rent it out. When Kirner was approached by college friend Dora Hunter about renting the condo, she had […]

Face Time: Shawn Colvin

In 1997, Shawn Colvin hit it big with her song “Sunny Came Home,” which told the tale of a tortured housewife driven to arson. While it might have seemed like an overnight success to some, Colvin had been performing around the world for more than 20 years, battling all kinds of demons along the way. […]

STEMming The Tide

Kristin Pallister can trace her interest in science to a childhood accident. “I was hit by a car and needed to have a bunch of surgeries,” she says. “That got me interested in medical technology.” Now, Pallister, 23, is about to begin a job as a clinical engineer at St. Jude Medical, which develops medical […]

Welcome a Baby to Your Crib

Sharmili Edwards knows when to fold ’em. Which is important when inhabiting a small, rented space with a husband, 8-month-old daughter and lots of baby gear. “We have as much stuff as possible that can fold up,” says Edwards, 31, who rents a one-bedroom condo in Arlington’s Courthouse neighborhood. “The high chair, swing, stroller — […]

Face Time: Cornelia Guest

As the daughter of fashion icon C.Z. Guest and polo champion Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, onetime 1980s socialite Cornelia Guest knows a thing or two about elegance and style. She shares her expertise and relaxed, no-fuss approach to food in “Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures: Healthy Seasonal Cooking and Easy Entertaining ($33, Weinstein Books). Organized by […]