CityCenter DC ready to rent

Leasing for The Apartments at CityCenter is underway, and management company Bozzuto hopes CityCenter DC's first tenants will be able to move in this December.

Second Servings

For those who remember the corner of 14th and Q streets NW better as a laundromat than Le Diplomate, the neighborhood looks a little different these days. From Logan Circle northward, restaurants on 14th Street are unwrapping the brown paper from their windows, revealing renovated interiors ready to serve an influx of new residents. It’s […]

Cheaper by the Income

Those shiny, new developments going up all over the Washington area may seem out of your price range. But you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that developers often add discounted apartments in the mix for those who make less money. The goal — at least for the developments in D.C. — is to offer […]

A Personal Investigation

Alison Stewart grew up hearing her parents talk about their experiences at D.C.’s Dunbar High School, which more than sixty years after they graduated, will welcome students back to school Monday in a gleaming, new building. A journalist who has worked at MTV and PBS, Stewart was intrigued by the stories of a school that […]

Interpretation of Dreams

Audrey Niffenegger may be best known for her 2003 novel “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” a tale full of fantastical imagery and magical realism. She’s also a respected visual artist who tells stories in a different way, in art books (like the one above) elaborately illustrated in graphite and colored pencil. Now, her first major museum […]

Ask the Advocate

Q: Do I have to pay my last month’s rent if I gave a security deposit? I’ve heard that my security deposit can and should cover the last month’s rent, but my landlord disagrees and is asking me to pay for August. A: Generally, the purpose of a tenant security deposit is to cover any […]