Steal this job: DJ

John Howard DJs about 80 events a year and offers lighting and photobooth services. More than half of his bookings are weddings.

Ask the Advocate: Rent increase notifications

Q: What counts as “official notice” of a rent increase? Does it have to be in writing and sent through the mail? Does an email count? A: If the unit is under rent control, the Rental Housing Act of 1985 and regulations set forth the requirements for rent increase notices. They include certain pre-conditions for […]

Hot on the trail of rentals

Between the two of them, Colin Browne and his girlfriend, Inez Steigerwald, own seven bikes. So when they were deciding where to rent in the D.C. area, one priority was obvious for both of them: Live near stuff that makes biking easier.

Rusty vs. Bao Bao … in song!

Two of our more musically inclined employees got extra creative this week and penned a song that pits the National Zoo's red pandas against its giant pandas.

By Sadie Dingfelder and Holly J. Morris | Local | January 16

Rentals big in potential

For renters looking to escape cramped apartments, town houses can offer more space, urban environments and the right price.

Learning large

Technology is ushering in a new era for the online classroom. What a decade ago was a solitary experience based primarily on email exchanges between the student and teacher is now a dynamic learning environment that allows students to interact much like they would in person.

A place setting at the table

We tapped three local tastemakers to create festive set-ups using easy-to-find materials. Some may even be in your china cabinet, meaning it’ll be simple to re-create these looks at home.

By Holley Simmons and Jennifer Barger | Home | November 15, 2013

Put down the spoon

Examining the dairy aisles of grocery stores, Brandon Partridge noticed something odd: “Americans do everything they can to make things convenient, but yogurt still requires two hands and a spoon.” That’s why the Washingtonian developed Ibex.

Old clothes, new tricks

Vintage fashions aren’t just for costumes. When you combine throwback styles (a flapper hat, a disco gown) with contemporary ones, you’ll look both highly individual and modern.

By Holley Simmons and Jennifer Barger | Fashion | November 1, 2013