Individual Servings

Monologues are a hard sell, unless they’re being delivered by somebody famous. Spending a long time with just one person is a lot to ask of an audience. That’s why monologues are a perfect fit for Capital Fringe Festival, which specializes in giving new kids a chance — and which tends to enforce shorter running […]

Fringe Politics

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that the Capital Fringe Festival, in the heart of Washington, has a lot of plays with political themes. Put your hand down; you look like an idiot. This weekend offers multiple opportunities to see shows about presidents, political pandering and policy, so if you’re not already sick of those […]

Fringe Preview: Subjective Acts

Capital Fringe, D.C.’s ever-growing experimental theater festival, is a chance to learn. Sometimes you learn, “Oh, THAT’s what Chekhov is like spoken entirely backward!" or “Oh, THAT’s what happens when you put an audience of 30 people

Hip-Hop Fest, You Don’t Stop

The D.C. Hip-Hop Theater Festival, now in its 12th year, is still a festival, and it still includes hip-hop. The theater part is debatable: Of the 11 events on this year’s slate, none is a traditional theater piece. “Theater is performance, and there’s performance throughout every single event,” says artistic director Kamilah Forbes, a Howard […]

So Call Me, Maybe. Or Not at All

Dating is rarely as difficult as it is in “Becky Shaw,” now at Round House Theatre. Brusque Max (Will Gartshore) is set up with needy, slightly crazy Becky (Michelle Six), only to have everything deteriorate into violence and recrimination. Offstage, the actors have their own tales of dates gone awry. THE MAMA’S BOY: “I was […]

Swamp Things

Despite the subtropical humidity D.C. experiences every summer, the widely circulated tidbit that the city was built on a swamp is a myth. (While our proximity to the Potomac and Anacostia rivers certainly makes matters muggy, only a negligible fraction of the District could be considered technically a swamp.) This falsehood didn’t stop us from […]

The Wives of Others

“Company,” a 1970 musical about a 35-year-old single man and his married friends, should be outdated by now. Marriage is in decline, 35 is the new 25, and the musical motif of the opening number is based on a telephone busy signal. (When was the last time anyone heard one of those?) What the setup […]

Swearing Devotion

Drew Magary’s daughter, 7, already knows how to get a rise out of her dad. Her favorite word for a while was “faka” — which Magary interpreted as kidspeak for one of the words he uses most in his work as an author and blogger. Magary, a married Bethesda father of three, writes for the […]

Rollin’ in the Heat

Amid epic political gridlock this spring, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) introduced a bill to allow the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby to go forward. The race, in which kids in motorless cars square off in pairs and try to channel their inner NASCAR racer, takes place on Capitol property and thus requires permission from Congress […]

All ‘Thing’ Considered

Tom Stoppard, the 75-year-old British playwright responsible for 1966’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” 1993’s “Arcadia” and numerous screenplays, has found that people assume all sorts of things about him from his characters. It doesn’t help that “The Real Thing,” now at Studio Theatre, is about a playwright and his tangled love life. We got […]