Steal this job: Specialty PR consultant

Kyle Schmitz spent three years interning and working as a TV producer. Publicists would approach her to pitch stories about their clients. That piqued her interest in working in PR, and Schmitz eventually switched gears.

Sketching History

After 35 years of poking fun at world leaders and satirizing hot-button global issues with his incisive editorial cartoons, Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher still approaches each assignment without much planning. It’s the evening before his filing deadline for The Economist and The Baltimore Sun, and the longtime Baltimore resident doesn’t seem to know what he’s drawing […]

Bittersweet Goodbye

Since I began this column in October 2011, I’ve dined on pigeon, sampled Tunisian street snacks, treated myself to booze-laden cupcakes, and more. I’ve expanded my waistline slightly; I’ve boosted my knowledge of intriguing local foods greatly. So I’m sad to file my final Eater’s Digest. I’m moving to Boston (making a return to my native […]

Radically Traditional

It wasn’t exactly difficult to shake the foundations of the Victorian art world. Using a particularly bright blue might get you branded a revolutionary. British painters John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt — at ages 19, 20 and 22, respectively — turned their backs on the tropes and styles of their […]

Rutabaga Awakening

I never thought I’d write a column in praise of rutabaga, but it was hard not to after tasting it at Beuchert’s Saloon (623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-733-1384). As one of many veggie sides on the menu during the “farm American” restaurant’s soft opening (through March 15), chef Andrew Markert’s rutabaga mash ($6) is eye-opening. […]