Heeding the Call of Nature a New Way: The GoGirl

ONCE YOU GET over the initial giggle, the YouTube ad for GoGirl ($7, Go-girl.com) is an inspiration for womankind. Athletic, adventurous role models declare themselves no longer beholden to their bladders or bathrooms. With the discreet pink product tucked in their purse or pocket, they have achieved the ability to tinkle standing up — anywhere! […]

Coo Coo for CocoPerez.com: Perez Hilton Talks About His New Web Site

FIRST THERE WAS Coco Chanel. There there was Coco Moore, a most fashionable Sonic Youth offspring. And now there’s Coco Perez. That’s right, gossip biddies — to quote Sir Elton John, “the bitch is back,” but in a whole new wardrobe. Infamous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton expands his media empire with the launch of sister […]

Fashion of the 'Conchords': Tips for Dressing Like Bret & Jemaine

HBO’S ‘FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS’ racked up six Emmy nominations for its second season, including nods for writing, directing, acting, music and general comedy excellence. One thing the show did not get acknowledged for was its costuming. Sure, the wardrobe on “The Tudors” probably took a bit more effort to create, but Conchords fashion is […]

Air Apparent: D.C. Air Guitar Champs Critique Their Rivals

A WISE MAN ONCE SAID “to air is human, to air guitar divine.” Need proof? Head to the 9:30 Club on Friday, Aug. 7, to see the 2009 U.S. Air Guitar Championships. The imaginary string competition — in which contestants rock out on invisible Gibsons and Fenders — started in 2003, and the District hopped […]

Real Time: MTV's 'Real World: D.C.' Meets Social Networking

» RELATED: Read our ongoing coverage of “Real World: D.C.” in our “Reality Smites” blog. WANT TO FIND the true story behind “Real World: D.C.” before the Dupont-dwelling housemates stop being polite? Easy: Hit up the World Wide Web. Thanks to the explosion of social networking sites, Washingtonians don’t have to wait for the 23rd […]

Get on the Right Track: Coaching Kids to Run, Swim and Ride Can Get You in Shape, Too

AS CHRIS HOHN rounded the halfway point along a paved trail in Southeast’s Benning Park, baton in hand, kids’ cheers could be heard over the 41-year-old’s panting: “Run, Coach Chris! Run, Coach Chris!” Every morning for six weeks, Hohn and fellow Achieve (Achievekidstri.org) coaches Tom Glass, Anthony Black, Alisha Livingston and Hillary Lindsay are training […]

Tour de Washington: Local Tour De France Events

BEING AT THE Tour de France would be money — if you had the funds to attend. Here’s how to feel like you’re in the presence of that yellow jersey without leaving town. At Arlington’s Rhodeside Grill (1836 Wilson Blvd.; 703- 243-0145) on Thursday (5-7 p.m.), it’s $5 for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association happy […]