Spread's The Word: Update Your Tabletop With Eclectic Elements

IN GRANNY’S HEYDAY, dining rooms tended to be prim-and-proper lairs of etiquette queens like Emily Post, no-man’s-lands for elbows on the table or chipped china. But just as heels and hose have been traded for peep-toe pumps (or beachy flip-flops), so, too, has the dining room been dressed down. “A dining room should be relaxing […]

History, Channeled: Taking Wedding Cues From Your Venue's Past

ONCE UPON A time, pledging till death do you part meant booking the church, synagogue or backyard. Nowadays, couples richen their big day by vowing a lifetime of sharing the TV remote at places steeped in history, from colonial manors to beaux-arts ballrooms. Recapturing the charm of weddings past means heeding the venue’s historical cues. […]

To Each His Own Sanctuary: The Modern Man Cave

THE TERM “MAN CAVE” conjures chest-pounding imagery of prehistoric bachelor pads. But just as today’s man wields a Wii controller instead of a caveman club, so, too, has the Neanderthal’s nest gone modern. “More and more men are vocalizing what they want or where they feel they’re lacking space,” says Cindy McGlure, owner of Grossmueller’s […]

Mock-Meat Smackdown: Our Tasters Put Faux-Meats to the Test

CRAVING BURGERS AND bacon is as patriotic as Little League and “American Idol.” So, it’s no shock that, as vegan and vegetarian diets claw their way into the mainstream, mock-meat makers have piggybacked on the country’s patty and link obsession. “Fake meat helps people who have never tried vegetarian food before, because it’s the texture […]