Are Robert Clergerie shoes for you? Manolo says yes.

Dear Manolo: I have been lusting after Robert Clergerie shoes, but have some misgivings. They’re so expensive and often look so high I might die wearing them (and then I won’t be able to work to pay for them!) What do you recommend? I’d like some basic black ones for an upcoming Puerto Rico trip. — Carol

Artsy boots for the new year

Dear Manolo, For 2014, I’ve resolved to become more stylish. I’m not interested in chasing trends, instead, I’m aiming for sophisticated-downtown -artsy. Please recommend a pair of shoes that will help me achieve this. — Audrey

The Manolo sings

Dear Manolo, Holiday season is here again, and I don’t have a pair of shoes for dressy parties. My feet are of average size but a bit flat. I would love a pair of stylish shoes that won’t leave me soaking my sore feet for days after the event.