Are Robert Clergerie shoes for you? Manolo says yes.

Dear Manolo: I have been lusting after Robert Clergerie shoes, but have some misgivings. They’re so expensive and often look so high I might die wearing them (and then I won’t be able to work to pay for them!) What do you recommend? I’d like some basic black ones for an upcoming Puerto Rico trip. — Carol

Artsy boots for the new year

Dear Manolo, For 2014, I’ve resolved to become more stylish. I’m not interested in chasing trends, instead, I’m aiming for sophisticated-downtown -artsy. Please recommend a pair of shoes that will help me achieve this. — Audrey

The Manolo sings

Dear Manolo, Holiday season is here again, and I don’t have a pair of shoes for dressy parties. My feet are of average size but a bit flat. I would love a pair of stylish shoes that won’t leave me soaking my sore feet for days after the event.

Man, those are nice shoes

Dear Manolo, My engineer husband needs a new pair of shoes. He has had the same pair of black wingtips for the last 20 years, which he wears to every function that requires shoes more formal than sneakers. Can you suggest something brown?

Adults, Ewww

Dear Manolo: I’m a junior in college, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been interning at a high school counseling office. The problem is that my supervisor just told me that I have to look like a “professional adult and not like a high school senior.”

Kick off your boots

Dear Manolo: Recently, I’ve seen a lot of young women wearing flannel shirts and short lace-up boots. I love this casual look. Do you think that a woman of a certain age (me, in this case) would be able to carry this off? —Amy