Man, those are nice shoes

Dear Manolo, My engineer husband needs a new pair of shoes. He has had the same pair of black wingtips for the last 20 years, which he wears to every function that requires shoes more formal than sneakers. Can you suggest something brown?

Adults, Ewww

Dear Manolo: I’m a junior in college, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been interning at a high school counseling office. The problem is that my supervisor just told me that I have to look like a “professional adult and not like a high school senior.”

Kick off your boots

Dear Manolo: Recently, I’ve seen a lot of young women wearing flannel shirts and short lace-up boots. I love this casual look. Do you think that a woman of a certain age (me, in this case) would be able to carry this off? —Amy

Career heels

Dear Manolo, A promotion has convinced me that I need to upgrade my professional wardrobe. The problem? I have no sense of style. I find most stuff I see in fashion magazines ridiculous. Help!

Shutdown shopping

Thanks to Congress, starting this week, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I’ve decided to go shoe shopping. I need new tall boots for fall. What do you recommend? — Amy

Let Your Shoes Do the Walking

My husband and I are planning a trip to San Francisco and Sonoma County in late September. Between the must-see attractions in San Francisco and all of the wineries and breweries we’ll be visiting, I know we’ll be doing a lot of walking. Can you recommend a comfortable shoe for the trip?  —Sarah Manolo says […]

Sneaking Around

My kids are back in school, so I’ve decided to take up jogging. Can you recommend running shoes? —Marcia Manolo says, asking the Manolo to recommend the running shoes is like asking the Eskimo to recommend the bikini swimsuit. The knowledge is more theoretical than practical. The Manolo’s own experiences with running are largely confined […]

High Heels

Let us pretend for a brief moment that money is no object.  What would  you recommend in the way of ultra-chic booties for the fall? —Nan Manolo says, oh to live in the world where the money is not the object!  Where every morning, you could be gently awakened by your ladies maid, O’Brien, Ph.D., […]

Falling for Boots

With fall fast approaching, I’ve begun to think about what I’m going to wear, specifically, I need a pair of fun boots for the weekends. Please recommend something.   —Doretta Manolo says it is never too early to think about what to wear for the coming season, the coming year or the coming decade. Indeed, […]

Sandals in the Wind

My best friend since grade school is getting married for the second time, in Key West, in what she’s describing as a “very informal” ceremony. I know I’m supposed to wear sandals, but I need help with this. I’m not sure which kind. — Sarah Manolo says the Manolo cannot help it, but when the […]