At the speed of dance

With 34 D.C.-based troupes on the lineup, the fifth annual VelocityDC Dance Festival is delivering more pre-professional and nontraditional acts than ever before. So timing is everything.

Tour of Snooty

How was your weekend in Ocean City this summer? Get up to NYC on the Chinatown bus? If only you were a British aristocrat coming of age in the 18th century, you could be wrapping up the first leg of your “grand tour” of Europe, a traditional fancy-person’s trek from Paris to Rome and beyond […]

Scripted Conversations

Some handwriting you know intimately: your father’s scrunched-up block letters, the way your daughter loops her capital L’s. Turns out that famous, brilliant people are just like us when it comes to script or scrawl: They cross out words, write sideways in the margins and add playful flourishes to various letters. “The Art of Handwriting” […]