Jeff Geer, Renée Maurer

Jeff, 43, is a sales training manager. Renée, 40, is a museum curator. They will live in D.C. The Main Event: A Nov. 3 wedding at a restaurant and farm overlooking the Potomac. How They Met: After a few witty emails, they decided to meet for drinks at Central, one of Renée’s favorite restaurants. […]

Alexandra Grillo, Mike Rowshandel

Alex and Mike, both 27, are consultants. They live in Rosslyn. The Main Event: They’re going to tie the knot Nov. 3 at a Catholic church on Capitol Hill, with their reception at a plush Georgetown hotel. How They Met: Depending who you ask, middle school (Mike) or high school (Alex). After years in the […]

Stephanie Schmitt, Matthew Weiner

Stephanie, 23, is a communications associate. Matt, 35, is an audio engineer. They live in Silver Spring. The Main Event: They’re getting hitched at the exclusive Mansion on O Street on June 29, 2013. How They Met: When she moved to D.C., he was her housemate at her first sublet. First Impressions: “He was a […]

Aaron Karako, Emma Stone

Aaron, 24, is a program associate. Emma, 25, is an executive assistant. They live in D.C. The Main Event: They’ll wed in a mansion overlooking Meridian Hill Park on Oct. 28. How They Met: Through a mutual friend as George Washington University undergrads, when she invited him to a party in her dorm room. “I […]

Megan Gilbert, Chris DeSouza

Megan, 29, works at the National Geographic Channel. Chris, 29, is a sales manager at a restaurant blog. They live in D.C. The Main Event: They married on April 21 at St. Gabriel’s Church in Petworth. The reception took place at the Adams Morgan Mansion (where STROGA is by day). What They Read: Megan’s aunt […]

Ray Harmon, Mick Miller

Ray, 30, left, is a J.D. awaiting the bar results. Mick, 27, is the assistant general manager at Open City in Adams Morgan. They live in D.C. The Main Event: Their “brunch wedding” took place Oct. 20 at Ardeo+Bardeo, and was followed by a D.C. United game. How They Met: A pub quiz. “It seemed […]

Amy Burzynski, Bryan Chapman

Amy, 24, is a recruiting coordinator. Bryan, 25, is a software consultant. They live in Fairfax. The Main Event: They’ll marry Oct. 21 at a vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a reception in a converted horse stable. How They Met: In college, through a mutual friend. “We’ve been best friends since that day,” […]

Lindsay Lennon, Joshua Vogel

Lindsay, 25, works for the Department of Homeland Security. Josh, 28, works for the U.S. Capitol Police. They live in Arlington. The Main Event: A black-tie event Oct. 20 in Boca Raton, Fla. How They Met: They were both George Washington University students, but it took JDate to introduce them. First Date: Dinner in Georgetown, […]

Teresa Wheatley, Henry Young

Teresa, 29, is a graduate student at American University and works in the alumni office. Henry, 29, is an attorney. They live in D.C. The Main Event: They’re getting hitched Oct. 20 in Denton, Texas. How They Met: In the “Brooketeria” (the Brookings Institution cafeteria) on his first day of work there. First Date: Her […]

Lisa Beury, Garrett Russo

Lisa, 30, is a government consultant. Garrett, 32, is a communications director. They live in Arlington. The Main Event: An Oct. 13 wedding at a historic church in downtown D.C. How They Met: eHarmony. First Date: Packed schedules forced them to spontaneously plan a day-of first date at RFD. A packed bar required them to head […]