It’s Simply the Breast

Rachel Papantonakis is tired of people who behave like boobs when it comes to breast-feeding. “Breast-feeding mothers, on the whole, are not exhibitionists or looking to flaunt what they’re doing,” says the District resident, a 32-year-old mom of two. “If a child can be bottle-fed someplace, so too should he be able to be breast-fed.” […]

When’s My Nap Time?

The exercisers who show up at Kathy Corbey’s 4,000-square-foot studio in Ashburn, Va., don’t just bring water bottles. They’re also toting sippy cups and strollers. What It Is: “Women in this area want to have their kids with them, but they also want to have a tough workout,” Corbey says. She’s taught group exercise classes […]

Interning Points

With 15 internships under her belt, Lauren Berger could write the book on interning. So she did. “All Work, No Pay” ($12.99, Ten Speed Press) is Berger’s 208-page guide to figuring out where you should intern, how to get the gig and what to do once you’re in. Originally headed toward a career in business […]

Different Baby Steps

Forget the tutu and tap shoes. The options in kids’ dance classes are broadening beyond the basics so parents can introduce those tiny feet to other ways to bust a move -- and a few different cultures, too.

Steal This Job: CPR Instructor

Jennifer Balarezo, 34 Title: Owner, GOTCPR LLC Salary: $79,000 (company earned $122,000) What She Does: Balarezo teaches people how to save lives. An emergency medical technician (EMT) since 1999, she uses CPR and other lifesaving techniques in her work. CPR also played a role in a defining moment of Balarezo’s life. In December 2003, her […]

Head of the Classroom

Today’s teaching degrees are anything but cookie-cutter. The industry trend toward not-so-textbook master’s programs helps education professionals specialize in what secondary schools need most: Strong school leaders as well as teachers who can reach students from a variety of backgrounds. These focused teaching degrees offer more flexibility in finding a job — and perhaps a […]

Face Time: Sissy Spacek

Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek effortlessly slips into parts as varied as a psycho high-schooler (“Carrie”), country singer Loretta Lynn (“Coal Miner’s Daughter”) and a mother of a troubled boxer in crime drama “Deadfall,” which opened at the Tribeca Film Festival last month. But it’s her role as a mother to two daughters that spurred her to […]

Signs Point to Exercise

At Chesterbrook Elementary, gym-class technology has advanced far beyond the bouncy red ball. When students at the McLean, Va., school show up for P.E., they’re handed iPads and iPod Touches. The devices let them scan Quick Response (QR) codes — black-and-white boxes — on signs scattered along a quarter-mile path that loops around the playground. […]

A Weekend of Open Houses

Chalk it up to allergies: Spring makes people itchy to move. To help match buyers and sellers, Realtors’ associations are sponsoring the third annual Nationwide Open House ( On April 28 and 29, sellers across the country will open their homes, making it easier for buyers to check out multiple properties. Organizers expect 3,100 open […]

A Résumé Reinvention

Quentin Schultze knows how to get you a job — no matter what. Education level and even past jobs aren’t make-or-break, says the communication professor at Calvin College in Michigan. In “Résumé 101: A Student and Recent-Grad Guide to Crafting Résumés and Cover Letters That Land Jobs” ($12.99, Ten Speed Press), Schultze explains how highlighting […]