Things change. Music helps us accept this. David Bowie suggests we “turn and face the strain” (or “strange” — your call). Axl Rose is that too-blunt friend: “Nothin’ lasts forever.”

Sweet ‘Yeezus’

Did Kanye resurrect the set designers from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” tour? I don’t know. But it’s clear to me now that I needed to see “Yeezus: The Musical.”

A breakup song

You have relationships with certain songs, albums, artists. Maybe it’s a record that got you through a bad time. Maybe it’s something you played at your wedding. Those songs belong to you, you think.

Yoko a-go-go

“When your heart is dancing/ Your mind is bouncing,” Yoko Ono singsongs on her new track’s opening. A silver ball bounces on a white plate. “Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!” Ono gently demands, like a tiny, mystical Big Freedia.

Satellite’s gone

There were eras Lou Reed defined and eras he never meshed with. He leaves behind a wonderfully contentious catalog for us to keep tussling with.