Shameful joy

Brooklyn band The Shondes released its third album, “The Garden,” on Sept. 17, and it grabbed a review in Rolling Stone last week.

Creature Features

What do dogs want? In the mind of Lisa Hanawalt, they yearn for salt licks in the shape of human legs and houses made of old fish. The Brooklyn illustrator and comic-book artist’s ideas always “start with something that happened in the real world,” says Hanawalt, who will appear at Bethesda’s Small Press Expo this […]

On the Spot: Dante Ferrando

When Dante Ferrando opened the Black Cat in 1993, 14th Street NW “wasn’t known for much,” he says, and its reputation was still dusty from the 1968 riots. That made it tough to get a turnout for the local bands and touring punk groups Ferrando intended the club to showcase. But after two decades (and […]

Heirs to Realness

When the Black Cat opened 20 years ago, 14th Street did not have giant, fancy condos. Local up-and-comers Coup Sauvage + The Snips — who play the Black Cat’s anniversary show Saturday — know the old 14th Street. They sing the gospel of those who’ve watched D.C. change over the decades, as arts enclaves became […]

Complete Revolution

Nobody sings like Kathleen Hanna. Her voice is distinctive, like Kate Pierson’s from the B-52s or Poly Styrene’s from X-Ray Spex. Some slumbering spot in your brain lights up when you hear it, endearingly grating, especially if you discovered punk or feminism in the early 1990s, when Hanna, led the seminal riot grrrl band Bikini […]

Burqa Swag

Lady Gaga, please don’t write a song about burqas. Ugh, maybe too late. Last week, the track “Burqa” (or “Aura”) leaked; it’s allegedly an early track from her upcoming fourth album, “ARTPOP.” (The album’s first official single, “Applause,” dropped Monday, in which she admits to loving applause.) Most links are now down of “Burqa,” which […]

On the Spot: Pam Taylor

Whimsical Dancer is just over 30 inches tall and very, very pregnant. Pam Taylor of Wild Acres Farm in Poolesville, Md., is the miniature horse’s breeder. She and Whim (above) plan to be at Old MacDonald’s Barn at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair starting Friday, waiting for the horse to foal. How did you get […]

Leader of the Pack

The Shangri-Las got knock-kneed for the “Leader of the Pack,” who crashed his motorcycle into girls’ hearts at the height of the mid-’60s girl-group era. The Ramones mined a similar aesthetic with the genders flipped, making every punk chick wish they were “Ramona.” Seth Bogart, above, is garage-rock’s latest pinup boy. In this month’s GQ, […]

Keeping the Sabbath Black

In its heyday from the late ’60s through the late ’70s, Black Sabbath ruled the world of rock. The British band’s songs were as controversial for their lyrical content -- anti-war commentary that often used the devil as a symbol for political corruption — as for their fearsome, dark sound. That came courtesy of Tony Iommi, one of the most influential guitarists in heavy metal. (Sure, singer Ozzy Osbourne would go on to bite the head off of a bat, but Iommi invented the metal guitar riff.)

Video Games

Fiona Apple writes little scripts. The songs on her 1999 breakthrough second album, “When the Pawn … ,” felt to me more like soundtracks to short films than a stand-alone album. In a way, they were. Apple was then in a relationship with director Paul Thomas Anderson (“Boogie Nights,” “There Will Be Blood”), who gave four […]