The New Takeout

To some, the mincing, measuring and sauteing aspects of a home-cooked meal serve as a form of therapy. To others, nothing brings peace of mind like speed-dialing for Chinese takeout. Somewhere in the middle falls a new group of ready-to-make meals prepped by local chefs and ardent foodies. For busy households with refined tastes or […]

App-Mazing Race

An outstretched arm and a couple of fingers can still hail a cab. But apps keep promising that smartphones can do it better — for a tiny fee. With Hailo, yet another taxi-hailing app, debuting in D.C. last week, we figured it was time to put the technology to the test, “Amazing Race”-style. We downloaded […]

Surprise Visits

Unless you’ve been living under a boulder (or have a severe seafood allergy), you’ve probably heard Baltimore’s a great day trip if you like crabcakes. Ditto a jaunt to Richmond if you’re obsessed with Civil War history. Still, summer trips don’t have to tread the beaten path. Here are three familiar cities, all within a […]

New Shops, Old Hood

People have been shopping in Georgetown since colonial citizens bought tobacco and powdered wigs here in the 18th century. But these days, the District’s oldest hood (circa 1751) is looking downright modern with an influx of new national, international and local retailers setting up shop on its main drags, Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. “It’s […]

Reindeer Gains

Dash to local stores and hip websites to score cool loot for all the characters on your list. Below are highlights from our gift guide, which includes over 40 presents for your nearest and dearest.                            

Best of 2012: Dining

Seafood: Hank’s Oyster Bar If we had any doubts about the legitimacy of the “urban beach food” genre, Hank’s Oyster Bar put them to rest long ago. Chef-owner Jamie Leeds packs her three locations with standout seafood dishes. Raw oysters on the half-shell are a must-order, as are the fried oysters (and other fried seafood […]

Best of 2012: D.C. Life

Bike Lane: 15th Street NW As long as idiots haven’t parked their cars in it, this two-way track offers cyclists a speedy trip through downtown. The separation from automobile traffic makes it especially popular, according to the city’s transportation department, which has counted as many as 355 riders per hour whizzing through the intersection of […]

Best of 2012: Arts

Museum: National Gallery of Art The NGA’s collections run from hands-down classic to mind-bogglingly modern. Warm up your inner art historian in the West Building with a Da Vinci or a Van Gogh. Head to the East Building to ponder the avant-garde. Nerd bonus: Traveling between the buildings takes you through a “Twilight Zone”-esque underground installation […]

Best of 2012: Nightlife

Outdoor Drinking: Biergarten Haus You never know how large a liter actually is until someone plops a liter of beer in front of you and expects you to drink it all. This is nearly everyone’s introduction to Biergarten Haus. The patio goes on forever and bears as much resemblance to rural Germany as Disney’s Frontierland […]

Highballs Come Home

You can’t walk — or stumble — more than a few blocks in downtown D.C. without finding a Prohibition-style speakeasy (Columbia Room, The Gibson) specializing in artisanal, old-timey cocktails. Add to that a handful of local distilleries, such as Blackwater in Maryland and Catoctin Creek in Loudoun County, and you have what amounts to a […]