Steal this job: Pet photographer

As a pet photographer, part of Shelley Castle's is understanding animal behavior — many dogs are frightened by the clicking camera, she says. Fortunately, most are motivated by treats or toys.

Bidding wars emerge among D.C.-area renters

Despite thousands of swanky new high-rise apartment units in the Washington area, some renters are opting instead to duke it out over privately run homes. Bidding wars are commonplace over uniquely designed condos, houses and townhouses.

Hot hoods: Shirlington

Whether you’re a 20-something, a 60-something, a tot or even a dog, you’ll find food and fun in Shirlington. Five miles southwest of D.C. and tucked next to the “Shirley Highway” — Interstate 395 — this urban village with a mashed-up name (Shirley + Arlington) offers plenty.