A Stroke of Pluck

Sick of swimming pools? Try a much bigger body of water: the Potomac River. The Concept “It’s a different element to not have anything around you, to be completely engulfed in nature,” says Denis Crean, who has been racing in oceans, rivers and lakes for the past 15 years. He was frustrated that there were […]

Steal this job: Chocolatier

Robert Ludlow, 28, can make the sun rise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it with choc’late and a miracle or two. He can because he’s a candy man, well, more specifically, a chocolate man.

Meet the Forever Renters

Personal trainer Bernard Moore is out the door of his northeast D.C. apartment by 5:30 each morning and doesn’t get home until 8 or 9 each night. He works at a gym in Alexandria, so he isn’t around to let the exterminator or the air-conditioner repairman into his home when issues arise. Not a problem: […]

Can’t Picture It? They Will.

Julie Friedman, 40, and her fiance, Jonathan Spector, 48, were on a mission last fall to find a home that would comfortably fit the two of them plus their combined five kids. They were well aware that any house might need some tweaking to fit the bunch, so they brought along Howard Kandel, who is […]

Law & Academia

In criminal justice doctoral programs, the students become one of two separate yet equally important types of professionals: the academics, who want to teach; and the pure researchers, who want to work for the government or think tanks. These are their stories. (Chung chung.) Jane Palmer was one of these doctoral students until last month, […]

On the Job, Training

Name: Raphaele Lataillade, 42 Salary: $85,000 Position: Occupational therapist What She Does: All of the simple tasks most people do every day — writing their name, getting out of bed, dressing themselves — aren’t always so easy. For patients who have lost the ability to perform these daily tasks or are having trouble learning them, […]

A Rental Boom by Braddock

Old Town Alexandria is starting to look a little, well, new. In the northwest section of town, near the Braddock Road Metro, apartment buildings are starting to pop up. “I love the neighborhood,” says new resident Kristen Hanna, 29. “I have easy access to King Street, where I spend a lot of my time, and […]

Do Your Home Work

When Eddie Ferrer’s garbage disposal jammed, he grabbed a computer and then a broom. “I Googled ‘How do you fix a garbage disposal?’ ” says Ferrer, 32, who owns a rowhouse in Northeast D.C. and a condo in Arlington. “The recommendation was that you stick a broom handle down into it, force it to turn until […]

The World on Your Doorstep

Would you ever post an ad on the Internet inviting strangers to pay you to use rooms in your home — like a hotel? That’s exactly what Donna Reynolds did in late 2009 after retiring from 33 years as a phone company cable splicer. She read a newspaper story about websites where people rent out […]

To Protect and Share

Name: Tabby Fique, 31 Salary: $36,000 Position: Land manager and easement coordinator, of Maryland’s Howard County Conservancy (Hcconservancy.org) What She Does: Despite her impressive title, “If I go into a school, I’m pretty much known as The Owl Lady,” Fique says. In 2010, she spearheaded the Howard County Conservancy’s adoption of Ranger, a barred owl […]