Best Blogger (Food): Metrocurean

This was the year that “Top Chef” discovered the D.C. dining scene. But was here first. The food blog has been the city’s source for hot restaurant reviews and mouth-watering recipes since 2005. In 2010, creator Amanda McClements “took the training wheels off,” creating a full-featured website. Hope for Us All: She admits that […]

Best Florist: Helen Olivia

Shakespeare thinks we can call a rose a bagel and it would still smell fab. But readers say roses smell sweeter when plucked by florists at Helen Olivia. Floral designer Marianne Raub and partner/husband Craig Noah whip up unusual arrangements, whether they’re wreaths of monochromatic hydrangeas or arrangements of imported Dutch tulips. Keep it Simple: […]

Best Wine List: Proof

Wine director Sebastian Zutant will happily suggest a bottle to anyone who asks, including the celebs who stop in. “Jeffrey Wright wanted bizarro Italian reds,” he reveals. “But Bill Murray really just wanted to drink.” Honestly, if we had starred in “Garfield: The Movie,” we’d really want to drink, too. Hey, Big Spender: There are […]

Best Race: Marine Corps Marathon

With 30,000 participants, tourist-friendly surroundings and a relatively flat 26.2-mile course, the “People’s Marathon” draws athletes of all levels. About 2,400 Marines and 700 Navy medical personnel work the course, making the event a patriotic experience, says public relations coordinator Tami Faram. Runners take off from Route 110, between the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery. “You’re […]

Best Movie Theater: Landmark E Street Cinema

Heading underground to see a movie just seems cooler than not. That’s the first thing you notice about this art house cinema (there’s a sister establishment in Bethesda). Also, you can drink here. Awww, How Cute: We once saw George Stephanopoulos get carded ordering a beer. » Landmark E Street Cinema, 555 11th St., NW; […]

Best Men's Haircut: Bang Salon

This demographic is not easy to please. “There’s much more detail in cutting short hair, and you see more mistakes,” says Nikki Esoldo, co-owner of the three-salon chain, which has a nearly equal male-to-female clientele. The $35, 30-minute cut is ideal for D.C. dudes. Moving On: Bang beat Justin Bieber to his own haircut. Esoldo […]

Best Bus: BoltBus

Though its much-touted $1 fares aren’t always available, the Bolt Bus remains the classiest of the super-discount bus services. First dates will swoon when they find out you take the Bolt Bus. Your boss will look at you with new respect. “Isn’t that the bus where they DON’T show disaster movies at 9 a.m.?” small […]

Best Local Coffee Shop: Tryst Coffeehouse

Animal crackers in my chaippucino, monkeys and rabbits ‚Äî OK, so it doesn’t rhyme quite as well as the original Shirley Temple song, but Tryst’s nostalgia-inducing crackers and signature drinks may be what pushed this local fave to the top. General manager Stephanie Lair says that the crackers are so popular that, “God forbid, when […]

Best Amateur Sports League: Happy Hour Kickball

It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how fast you get to the bar. Founded in 2007, HHK has 1,600 members and has raised $8,000 for the Children’s Inn through auctions and weekly raffles. Besides game after-parties, players compete in the Beer Oh Lympics four times a year. Dodgeball and bowling kick off in […]

Best Blogger (Non-Food): DCist

The Washington version of New York’s Gothamist proves that D.C. is not just Manhattan for nerds or Los Angeles for ugly people. Where else can you find comprehensive coverage of both Vincent Gray’s town halls and the Air Sex Championships? Why it Works: Editor Aaron Morrissey says he focuses on “the D.C. that’s not what […]