Best of 2013

While Official Washington has been busy making us look bad to the rest of the world, we at Express have been hard at work tallying your votes for what makes the real Washington great. The result: the definitive guide to the best stuff in the D.C. area in 2013.

You work hard for the money, so you better treat yourself right. Find out what you voted as the best places in town to spend it.

Where do y'all like to swim, bike and otherwise work your butt off?

When Washingtonians want their tresses, nails, facial hair or nether regions to look their best, they go to these Best Of locations.

Exciting facts you'll learn here: You can subscribe to pies, get secret pop tart ice-cream sandwiches and order dessert pizzas — and that's just on the sweet side.

The Nationals weren't able to repeat as NL East champs, but they did pretty well in Best Of, winning coach, D.C. team and sports venue.

The Kennedy Center, the 9:30 Club, the Newseum: All are among your picks for the best museum, movie and music destinations.

Whether you slurp your booze with an oyster or guzzle liters of it from a stein, you feel strongly about your watering holes. Who'd you love the most?

Who doesn't love a Best Of list that includes the Twitter account for "Jayson Werth’s Beard"? Find out where he placed and more about the bests of D.C. life.