2012 Best of B.I.O.

Whether Valentine’s season causes you to swoon or to swear off love forever, these couples will make your heart squee. We followed up with six standout duos — profiled last year on Express’ B.I.O. page before their weddings — to find out how they made their Big Days their own, and to see pictures! BEST […]

Maureen Churgovich, Justin Dillmore

Maureen, 31, is a meetings director. Justin, 34, is an executive adviser at a research firm. They live in D.C. The Main Event: They’re getting hitched Feb. 2 in Mexico. How They Met: At a bar in Dayton, Ohio. Her best friend introduced them … 10 times. “She may have had a few too many […]

Larry Burkhart, Fred Hocde

Larry, right, 47, is an engineer at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Fred, 45, is a judo instructor. They live in Rockville. The Main Event: They will wed Feb. 1 at the Montgomery County Judicial Center, just a month after same-sex marriage became legal in Maryland. How They Met: Larry was on his way to […]

Chris Griffith, Rachel Miller

Chris, 28, is an analyst at a consulting firm. Rachel, 31, works at a medical technology association. They live in D.C. The Main Event: An outdoor “garden party” wedding Aug. 12, 2012, in Sandy Spring, Md. How They Met: At a going-away party for a mutual friend. Celebrating Heritage: The couple added some special touches […]

Eddie Beall, Hilary Theis

Eddie, 31, is a teacher. Hilary, 27, is pursuing a master’s in education at Trinity Washington University. They will live in Hyattsville after the wedding. The Main Event: June 29 at a Catholic church in College Park. How They Met: As kids at a youth-group event. “I walked up to him as some kid was […]

Dustin Gordon, Aubrey Myers

Dustin, 34, is an analytics engineer. Aubrey, 33, is an attorney. They live in Fairfax. The Main Event: They will marry April 13 in Aubrey’s hometown of Raleigh, N.C., in a historic chapel, where her minister will officiate. The reception is at a children’s museum. How They Met: Kickball in Falls Church. He was the […]

Jasmine Dixon, Norman Townsel III

Jasmine, 26, works in administration for DCPS. Norman, 31, is a contract administrator. They live in Silver Spring. The Main Event: The couple said their vows Sept. 22, 2012, with 120 guests. A sorority sister of Jasmine’s from Zeta Phi Beta officiated. How They Met: During a summer leadership program at their university, Miami University […]

Andy Ludwig, Jill Seiferth

Andy, 30, manages energy efficiency projects at George Washington University. Jill, 30, is a lawyer. They live in Arlington. The Main Event: They got hitched Oct. 6, 2012, at a vineyard on Long Island. How They Met: In Tokyo, when the two of them were English teachers. First Date: He invited her over for dinner […]

Jessica Duarte, Hector Sosa

Jessica, 35, works at an environmental nonprofit. Hector, 35, is a staff sergeant in the Army. They live in Germantown, Md. The Main Event: They’ll tie the knot May 18 in D.C. How They Met: In high school. They reconnected through Facebook in 2009. First Impressions: She was “beautiful, but stuck-up.” He was “such a […]

Brittany Burkett, William Jackson

Brittany, 23, is a bank teller. William, 27, is a developer at Accenture. They live in Alexandria. The Main Event: The couple wed at a gazebo outside an Alexandria courthouse on Aug. 20, 2012. Just Brittany, William and their parents were present. How They Met: In an online chat room. First Date: Dinner and a […]