Tanzania Battles, Brennon Evaige

Tanzania, 42, works for DHS. Brennon, 37, is a truck driver. They live in Alexandria. The Main Event: Their Sept. 29 wedding took place on a cruise ship in Miami, which promptly left for the Caribbean. How They Met: Through a co-worker who “got tired of me saying there were no good men in D.C.,” […]

Sean McConaghy, Pam Lighter

Sean, 26, works for the U.S. Census Bureau. Pam, 26, is a research assistant and getting her master’s in public health. They live in Gaithersburg, Md. The Main Event: The two Terps will marry Dec. 1 at the University of Maryland Memorial Chapel. How They Met: As UMd. students. First Impressions: “I thought he had […]

Prashant Kohli, Binita Sharma

Prashant, 27, is an IT consultant. Binita, 25, is a procurement analyst for USAID. They will live in Northern Virginia (still house-hunting!) after the wedding. The Main Event: They are getting married in Prashant’s hometown in India. The weeklong wedding in February will be attended by 600 guests. How They Met: Through mutual friends. He […]

Tony Gilbert, Peggy Pinkard

Tony, 61, is a proofreader at the Government Printing Office. Peggy, 52, is a vice president at a consulting company. They will live in Annandale, Va. The Main Event: Tony and Peggy wed Nov. 17 at their church, with an intimate meal beforehand and an open invitation for cake afterward. How They Met: Match.com. First […]

Ismael Reyes, Chante Thyssen

Ismael, 32, is a security officer. Chante, 24, is a teacher’s aide. They live in Riverdale, Md. The Main Event: The tied the knot Nov. 11 at a banquet hall in Potomac, Md. How They Met: On Singlesnet.com. “All thanks to my BFF for telling me about this dating website,” Chante says. First Impressions: “I […]

Jon Kundrat, Kate Rojek

Jon, 25, is a volunteer coordinator at Food & Friends. Kate, 24, is a marketing associate. They live in Falls Church. The Main Event: They wed July 15 at a vineyard in Canton, Ohio. Kate walked down the aisle to the theme from “Pride and Prejudice.” Favorite Moment: During the ceremony, the couple created a […]

Jeff Geer, Renée Maurer

Jeff, 43, is a sales training manager. Renée, 40, is a museum curator. They will live in D.C. The Main Event: A Nov. 3 wedding at a restaurant and farm overlooking the Potomac. How They Met: Match.com. After a few witty emails, they decided to meet for drinks at Central, one of Renée’s favorite restaurants. […]

Alexandra Grillo, Mike Rowshandel

Alex and Mike, both 27, are consultants. They live in Rosslyn. The Main Event: They’re going to tie the knot Nov. 3 at a Catholic church on Capitol Hill, with their reception at a plush Georgetown hotel. How They Met: Depending who you ask, middle school (Mike) or high school (Alex). After years in the […]

Stephanie Schmitt, Matthew Weiner

Stephanie, 23, is a communications associate. Matt, 35, is an audio engineer. They live in Silver Spring. The Main Event: They’re getting hitched at the exclusive Mansion on O Street on June 29, 2013. How They Met: When she moved to D.C., he was her housemate at her first sublet. First Impressions: “He was a […]

Aaron Karako, Emma Stone

Aaron, 24, is a program associate. Emma, 25, is an executive assistant. They live in D.C. The Main Event: They’ll wed in a mansion overlooking Meridian Hill Park on Oct. 28. How They Met: Through a mutual friend as George Washington University undergrads, when she invited him to a party in her dorm room. “I […]