Inconsistently yours

Early in her career, novelist Ann Patchett tried supporting her fiction habit by waitressing on the side. In a new essay collection, she shares real-life stories. Well, mostly real.

A cinematic chiller

'Special Topics in Calamity Physics' author Marisha Pessl weaves a dark story about movies, death and family in her new book, ‘Night Film.’

Looking for lit

Searching for that special page-turner to love? At the Jewish Literary Festival’s author fair Sunday, 16 local writers will each have three minutes to introduce you to their books.

By Cassandra Miller | Books | October 10, 2013

Trashy Magazines

Since 2001, Davy Rothbart has solicited garbage — excuse us, “found” items — for his brilliant mixed-media magazine, FOUND. Along with publishing partner Jason Bitner, Rothbart has put out eight issues (plus three issues of Dirty FOUND) over the years, and last year Rothbart published a book of autobiographical stories, “My Heart Is an Idiot.” […]

Creature Features

What do dogs want? In the mind of Lisa Hanawalt, they yearn for salt licks in the shape of human legs and houses made of old fish. The Brooklyn illustrator and comic-book artist’s ideas always “start with something that happened in the real world,” says Hanawalt, who will appear at Bethesda’s Small Press Expo this […]