Layer of Doubt

It is a verifiable fact that, when presented with any part of a fish that still contains skin and is not cleverly concealed inside sushi, nine out of 10 individuals will be kind of grossed out. I am among that overwhelming majority. And yet here I am, about to tell you what’s so great about […]

Healthy Appetite

Sometimes, trying to stay on top of food news — which always seems to mean filling up on fancy dishes — leaves me feeling extra-concerned about getting enough exercise. So I jumped on the chance to try a Pilates on the Patio class at Poste. Led by cheerful instructor Chauna Bryant, the class (10 a.m. […]

This Pop Rocks

Old-fashioned, handmade sodas have been coming back in a big way the past few years at local restaurants. I’ve sipped and savored some great ones this summer, including the deeply spicy ginger beer at Arlington’s Green Pig Bistro (1025 N. Fillmore St.; 703-888-1920) and the refreshingly citrusy cherry yuzu soda at J&G Steakhouse (515 15th […]

Whole Package

There’s a certain reaction I usually get when I talk about the restaurant and takeout place in Falls Church called Meat in a Box (312 S. Washington St., 703-533-9070). There’s the sly grin. The throat-clearing. The awkward giggle. And the obvious questions: “Does it have anything to do with the ‘SNL’ song of, um, a […]

The Juicy Details

Even though fruits are obvious choices as dessert ingredients, they can work in savory foods, too. That’s why I was excited to try the six-course peach-tasting dinner menu ($38) that’s available at Station 4 (1101 4th St. SW, 202-488-0987) all month, in honor of National Peach Month. As someone who loves stone fruits, I was […]

Let's Cool It

I’m awful at making gazpacho, the quintessential cold summer soup made from ripe tomatoes. Mine, which I prepare in a small blender or food processor, always turns out too watery and pink. Having force-fed myself these mediocre mixtures (I hate to waste food!), I’ve grown blase about gazpacho in general, even from restaurants. Luckily, non-tomato […]

PB & What?!

I almost wimped out when I ordered lunch two weeks ago from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time food truck. Fully aware that the menu included oddball options, I still spent a long time agonizing over whether to order a daring yet unappetizing-sounding sandwich, such as the ”PBJBLT” ($5; peanut butter, bacon, lettuce, tomato and red […]

Off the Grid(dle)

I know Back Alley Waffles gets its name from its location in the back of an alley, but that fact bears repeating. Because I had a tough time finding the place, even armed with the address (1209 10th St. NW Rear). I came from M Street and walked north up 10th, keeping my eyes peeled […]

Rhubarb Diaries

Until last week, I’d underestimated rhubarb. It had been in my life a long time, in the form of my mom’s addictive strawberry-rhubarb pie, but I’d tended to ignore it. When I’d eaten rhubarb, it was always in pastries, pies or cakes, and always paired with fruits that are more appealing. Why pay attention to […]

In ‘Wich’ We Lose

Washington gets a nod from “Man v. Food” host Adam Richman in his new Travel Channel show, “Best Sandwich in America” (Wednesdays at 9 p.m., beginning next week). The series pits 27 cities’ sandwiches against each other, in a March Madness-style bracket showdown. One victor will eventually be determined by Richman’s subjective taste buds. It […]