Cure for a Bias?

En route back home from a vacation, my husband and I recently spent a night in a London hotel. When we arrived, we were starving, but it was rainy and late. Reluctantly, we decided to eat at the hotel’s restaurant. I always assume hotel eateries will be stereotypically bland settings with equally bland food — […]

Seasonal Slices

The first box won’t arrive for a few more weeks, but I’m already looking forward to the start of my yearly community supported agriculture subscription. I’m always so excited to open up my box every week and figure out how to cook whatever straight-from-the-farm produce is inside. To tide myself over until then, I tried […]


As part of my job, I often get to meet chefs, ask them questions and taste their food. (I know, I’m lucky.) But I’m glad to see that more regular people are getting the chance to meet the faces behind their meals. Whether it’s cooking classes with celebrity chefs or open-to-the-public vacations led by restaurateurs […]

Bread Winner

The guy ringing me up at Arlington’s Arrowine wine-and-cheese shop (4508 Lee Highway) wanted me to buy just a little bit more. “Are you sure you don’t want a baguette to go with that?” he asked, eyeing my pecorino and prosciutto and pointing at a basket filled with wands of warm bread. “It’s made by […]

Branching Out

You won’t find me gawking at the cherry blossoms on the Tourist Basin, at least not during prime daylight hours. There are better ways to celebrate the centennial of our iconic flowering trees, including visiting one of the 100-plus restaurants that are marking the occasion with blossom-inspired “Cherry Picks,” specials running through April 27 (see […]

Edible, Edifying

If you think food-tasting events can be stuffy and snobby (as I do), then you might like the open-minded, international spirit of the Embassy Chef Challenge (7:30 to 10 tonight at the Ronald Reagan Building; tickets $250 at It’s an annual event in which embassy chefs compete to prepare the tastiest food. Winners are […]

Walked the Plank

Quick! Try to imagine the exact opposite of a pirate. Did you think of a faceless businessman in a suit and tie? Because that’s the logo of the Silver Spring restaurant formerly known as Piratz Tavern (8402 Georgia Ave.), after it underwent a $250,000 makeover last week. Transformed for Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” in an […]

Egg & Everything

In college, I was a serial egg-and-cheese sandwich eater. To me, a toasted English muffin filled with a fried egg and melted American cheese was the perfect hot breakfast treat, especially on a late, lazy morning. Too bad College Me isn’t here today. She’d love the new weekends-only menu of egg-and-cheese “breakfast hoagies” at the […]

Honey, Please!

Even in my free time, I find myself reading up on food. An article I saw a few weeks ago predicted a “trendy” item for the new year that I used to think was pretty ordinary: honey. It’s been consumed by humans for at least as long as written history, but suddenly it’s cool again: […]

Prix-Fixe Me

It seems as though every food blog I read lately is down on D.C. Restaurant Week, the infamous period of prix-fixe specials ($20.12-$35.12) offered in and around the city (through Sunday). Indeed, there are downsides: Many places offer only certain items or serve dishes that aren’t typically on the menu. And the extra foot traffic […]